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Sometimes Claiming is Obsession.
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Yes, it's another claming community. Except you don't have to wait 342352354243 years for your claim to be accepted! READ THE RULES!

A few rules:
♥ Don't claim something someone else has already claimed. Duh. (unless shared!)
♥ Read the claim list.
♥ Don't claim more than 4 things! (First 7 members get 8 claims)
♥Please, Don't promote any other community or website here. There are other communities for that!
♥In your claiming post, please put the title as "Claims: share/no sharing"
♥Once you leave, your claims will be removed.
♥If you plan on putting your claims in your user info (and don't until your claims appear on the list), please put that you claimed them at obsessiveclaims!
♥If your little heart desires more claims, promote obsessiveclaims at a promoting community, or get a lj user to join. This will earn you 2 more claims.
♥Creating a banner/icon earns you 4 more claims.

moderated by mzstrangejane

♥Claim List♥ [* indicates shared/sharable]

♥ claimed by mzstrangejane

311 claimed by btfuldisaster25*

Anastacia claimed by pink_squiggles

Ashlee Simpson claimed by mzstrangejane*

Billiards claimed by dragonfligh

Bright Eyes claimed by afalover

Britney Spears claimed by pink_squiggles

Carly Patterson's talent claimed by vanprincess19

Conor Oberst claimed by afalover

Conor Oberst's Sex claimed by afalover

Chuck Taylors claimed by pavement_cracks

Cursives Heart claimed by xptch_my_heartx

David Bowie claimed by wolfiestardust

Dierks Bentley claimed by dragonfligh

Dr. Pepper claimed by vanprincess19

Echo by Francesca Lia Block claimed by mzstrangejane

Emo Boys claimed by pavement_cracks

Emo skater drummer boys with long shaggy hair claimed by xptch_my_heartx

Eyebrow piercings claimed by wolfiestardust

Fall Out Boy claimed by btfuldisaster25* & xxkali

Freddie Mercury/Queen claimed by wolfiestardust

Freddie Prince Jr. claimed by vanprincess19

Gavin Rossdale claimed by dragonfligh

Gibson Guitars claimed by wolfiestardust

Glitter claimed by pink_squiggles

Hal Sparks claimed by pavement_cracks

Hooters claimed by pink_squiggles

Hollister wearing wrestlers with long hair claimed by vanprincess19

Incubus claimed by pavement_cracks

japangodmike claimed by mzstrangejane

Jared Lee Fink claimed by xxkali

JC Chasez claimed by pink_squiggles

Kenny Chesney claimed by dragonfligh

Kill Hannah claimed by btfuldisaster25*

Kirsten Dunst claimed by mzstrangejane

korosarete's soul claimed by _onmyyouji_

Kurt Cobain claimed by afalover & lostallfeeling

Less than Jake claimed by xxkali

Life as we know it claimed by lostallfeeling

Mae's Happiness claimed by xptch_my_heartx

Marilyn Manson claimed by afalover

Maroon 5 claimed by pink_squiggles

mewithoutYou claimed by btfuldisaster25*

Michael Ian Black claimed by pavement_cracks

Michael Phelps's Body claimed by pavement_cracks

Mo Rocca claimed by pavement_cracks

Nirvana claimed by afalover

Piglet claimed by pink_squiggles

Polarbears claimed by lostallfeeling

Portishead claimed by xptch_my_heartx

Queer As Folk claimed by dragonfligh

Sarah Ferguson Duchess of York streetangel27

Seth claimed by afalover

Seth's Virgin Sex claimed by afalover

Shaggy Hair claimed by wolfiestardust

Shaun White claimed by xxkali

Shot Glasses claimed by dragonfligh

Spontaneous nights claimed by xptch_my_heart

Sprite claimed by pavement_cracks

Stevie Nicks streetangel27

Strawberries and Creme Frappuccinos claimed by mzstrangejane

Stockard Channing claimed by streetangel27

Surfer Boys claimed by xxkali

Texas Hold 'Em claimed by dragonfligh

The Desperate Housewives streetangel27

The Early November claimed by xxkali

tiggerski3 claimed by dragonfligh

Trent Reznor claimed by lostallfeeling

Vanilla Cream Frappuccinos claimed by xxkali

Virgins claimed by pink_squiggles


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